Winlink For EmComm

Many EOC sites are capable, and disire, digital modes of communication that can transmit forms and other traffic directly. Two of those in use in Marion county are Winlink and the D-Star D-Rats app.

On the KG4NXO website are explanations on the use of Winlink. Sites that are involved with Winlink are listed under the NETS tab. The Thursday night net for MCARES tests Winlink and sometimes D-Rats. Ask questions there.

MCARES has been instructing members on using Winlink during events. The Winlink repeaters and frequencies are listed on the NETS tab. Any further information may be obtained from MCARES, but there is very little published on the local websites YET on how it is to be used during events.

You should load Winlink express on your computer(s) as it is the quickest and most reliable way to contact the EOC during emergencies.

If you have a radio and TNC (or soundcard) to use via 2 meter or HF, no problem. As long as your internet connection is working, you can connect with Winlink Express. Just enter KG4NXO ( in the e-mail box.

One other thing: if the internet goes down, the connectivity using Winlink via radio will be limited to the sites that have a strong internet connection, like the EOC. Several of the sites listed are at operators’ residences, and their internet connections may be out. (PLEASE NOTE- my gateway at W9CHA-10 is no longer operational.) Here’s where they are: