Area Repeaters And Club Links

FrequencyOffsetToneCallsignLocation and Other Information
146.970 MHz-600NoKA4WJAAnthony, FL, SCARS Repeater
147.165 MHz-600123N4STPFort McCoy, FL, N4STP Repeater
146.610 MHz-600123K4GSOSilver Springs, FL, SSRC Repeater
145.170 MHz-600123KG4NXOD-Star EOC
146.790 MHz-600123KK4DFCOcala, FL, D-STAR
443.875+5NoKG4NXOD-Star EOC
145.330+600123KJ4CLLEOC CERT
147.360 MHz+600NoKI4LOBDunnellon, FL
147.21+600NoN4ADAFusion, Ocala **
147.030 MHz+600123K4HOGLake Panasofkee, FL, K4HOG Repeater
224.100 MHz-1.6103.5N4TSVAnthony, FL
444.575+5NoWA1UTQFusion, The Villages **
444.575MHz+5103.5K4VRCThe Villages, FL TVARC
444.325 MHz+5NoKA2MBEOcala, FL
443.250 MHz+5NoKI4LOBSummerfield, FL
444.375 MHz+5123N4STPFort McCoy, FL
146.820 MHz-600123K4GNVGainesville, FL, GARS Repeater
146.985 MHz-600NoK4GNVGainesville, FL GARS Repeater
146.685 MHz-600NoK4GNVGainesville, FL, GARS Repeater
146.910 MHz-600123W4DFUGainesville, FL, GARC Repeater
224.160 MHz-1.6NoK4GNVGainesville, FL, GARS Repeater
444.05+5NoKC4MHHFusion **
444.925 MHz+5NoK4GNVGainesville, FL, GARS Repeater
147.000 MHz-600103.5N4FLALeesburg, FL, LCAA Repeater
147.120 MHz+600103.5N4LGHOrlando, FL, KT4AZ Repeater
147.300 MHz+600103.5WD4WDWLake Buena Vista, FL, D.E.A.R.S.
** Fusion repeaters linked to I75