I used to be heavily involved with ARES in Lake and Marion Counties and in the Northern Florida ARES section of Florida. I also worked with several Hams at the Marion Emergency Radio Team, the MCSO emergecy section, installing the three D-Star repeaters in Marion county some 15 yeas ago. But, at 78, my better half (KK4JEN) and I have decided that I should back off of being involved with EMS and just do HAM radios for a fun hobby. It’s someone elses turn for all the EMS stuff.

Just for me and the hobby, I have two ICOM ID-51a Plus 2 D-Star HT’s that I connect to local vhf/uhf D-Star and analog repeaters, along with the two Zumspots I have and monitor REF030C and REF037C.

I have a Yaesu FT-70D for use locally and on a Zumspot for Fusion.

I have a TYT DMR HT that I use on a shared Zumspot with the Yaesu for DMR.

See you down the log.