About This Site

This website is divided into areas sometimes referred to as modes… Analog (VHF / UHF), D-Star, and Winlink. And, it will always be “a work in progress”.

I only do mostly analog, D-Star, and Winlink. For Yaesu Fusion and / or DMR, I use ZUMspots. If you are doing Yaesu or DMR, I suggest checking with the Silver Springs Radio Club at k4gso.us for more information including meeting notices.

Each mode will cover both the hobby aspect of the mode, heavy on the hobby side, and also uses for emergency traffic to ARES or other agency during an event like a hurricane.

So, explore as much and as often as you want, and send e-mail for additions to the site. Criticism is welcomed also, as long as it is constructive. I will be adding my opinions every once and a while, I’ll mark them to give advance warning.

Thanks for visiting,

Ed W9CHA Ocala, Florida