I have set up a Winlink bridge (w9cha-10) for the south-east side of Marion County, Florida. It is on 145.630 MHz.

I have tested it and it is stable at this time (11-7-22). It will be up 24/7.

Please Note: KI4UYM-10 has not been on the air recently.

There are several winlink nets available that are of interest to Hams in our area:

1): Winlink Wednesday. Go to to get a LOT of really good Winlink information and find out how to log into this net.

2): The Florida Winlink Net. Go to for another site with valuable information and instructions on how to connect to this net.

3): Hospital Net on Wednesday at 7PM. Contact Dave welker to get the weekly info for check ins.

4): MERT Net – Thursday at 7:30 PM, with winlink check ins all day. Contact Paul Blystone to get on the e-mail list for weekly information.

There’s more on this site – have a look around. Thanks for visiting.