What Is MERT?

MERT is the Marion Emergency Radio Team.

The MERT Program is part of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Operations and designed to provide communications support to areas such as Shelters, Healthcare Facilities, Point of Distributions, and more during times of disasters. The members assist with moving valuable communications between agencies and locations about storm information, resource needs and requests.

The MERT Program combines many types of radio and communications devices into one program providing numerous sources of information and communication.

The MERT division is responsible for four HAM repeaters in the county, 3 D-Star and one VHF. (Repeaters are listed in another section of this website.)

To register for this program fill out the application on the page listed below and return to the address provided. BECOME AN EM VOLUNTEER

For more information or questions please contact 352-369-8100

Click here for video on the MCSO Facebook page: WHAT IS MARION EMERGENCEY… – Marion County Sheriff’s Office (facebook.com)