What Is ARES?

ARES in Marion County, Florida is organized through the Silver Springs Radio Club and they have a website (www.k4gso.us) that connects you to the club and also to ARES and Skywarn. 

That being said, the ARES information is not easy to find. And there is not any information on the ARES site about what to do during and event. 

ARES and MERT are both using 146.610 as a primary contact repeater. That has failure written all over it. And, neither agency has said who for sure is in charge. MERT believes it is, but SSRC owns the repeater. Good luck.

There is also a Northern Florida ARES website at ARES – ARRL – Northern Florida Section (arrl-nfl.org) for more information about ARES.

Click here for a copy of the Marion County Ares ARRL Plan.