What Else Is There Locally?

Not anything that I know of has changed here. Many HAMS are not directly involved with any emergency service. If you are one of those, what to do in this county can be a little confusing, but HAM rules apply.

There are many correct ways to contact the Marion EOC. The list of EmComm services here will show how to contact the EOC, mainly thru MERT on 146.610 FM , KK4DFC on D-Star, or Winlink. No one has said exactly how you should address any concerns about what you are making the contact for. For instance, MERT wants everything to come in on an ICS 213.

ARES is a real unknown. They say they want main contact by voice on VHF K4GSO 146.610 MHz. Since that is the same repeater MERT wants to use, that will probably be very busy, and they do not publish a list of secondary sites.