W9CHA-10 VHF Winlink Gateway

I have an operational Winlink gateway, W9CHA-10, on the south-east side of Ocala, in the Silver Springs Shores area. I am working on improving it and increasing its range. I am using a Signalink sound modem to run the site with a Yaesu FT-2980 VHF transceiver.

It has been pointed out to me that the Signalink is the “cheap” way to do this, that a $2,000.00 TNC should be used. But I and others have found the Signalink to be a very affordable, efficient, and reliable piece of equipment for the job.

Got a lot of information on setting this up with a Signalink from Leon, K8ZAG, and another HAM, Gordon L. Gibby KX4Z, in Alatchua county. If you are interested in setting up a VHF Winlink system, or in running a Winlink Gateway, check out his articles: