The Villages Amateur Radio Club

TVARC club meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month (except for the month of December) at the Eisenhower Regional Recreation Center, 3560 Buena Vista Blvd., in The Villages, Florida. 

Because of the ever changing rules during the pandemic, check out website for the latest club information.

​Anyone interested in Amateur Radio is invited to attend our club meetings. You need not be licensed to attend or join. You do NOT need a Villages ID.

Our Nets…
•     TVARC Ragchew
    –    Net meets 7 PM Monday
    –    443.225 MHz (+5) PL 103.5 & Echolink at K4VRC-R
•    QCWA Ragchew
    –    Net meets 10 AM Friday
    –    443.150 MHz (+5) PL 103.5 (NO Echolink at K4LFK-R)
    –    Net meets 8:30 PM Sunday
    –    147.030 (+600) PL 123.0
•     Sumter EMCOMM NET
    –    Net meets 8:30 PM Monday
    –    146.925 (-600) PL 123.0

Website: K4VRC – Villages Amateur Radio Club

This club is vary active in the areas of emergency operations. Check their website and repeaters during emergencies and / or bad weather.