D-Star Information

Staring in 2010 the MERT group along with many other county EOC’s set up communications in the ARES Northern Florida Section using D-Star. It worked very well allowing the linking of multiple repeaters to send IC forms from any county to the EOC in Tallahassee. At its height the NFL ARES had three reflectors for use to send voice and data sent via D-Rats.

Marion county was at the forefront of the D-Star project, and was able (with private money grants) to erect three D-Star repeaters, equip the EOC radio room, and set up 10 D-Star go-kits for shelters.

D-Star is still very much operational in Marion County. The weekly MCARES (ARES) net is on the D-Star repeater KK4DFC at 7:30PM Thursdays.

The three repeaters are still in operation, and two of them, KG4NXO VHF and KG4NXO UHF, are connected directly to the EOC’s main fiber optic internet trunk. Odds of those two loosing the capability to connect to any reflector are slim.

The system is not used very much, and many if not most operators who have a D-Star radio don’t know how to use D-Rats. It is still counted on as backup “when all else fails”.

As far as the hobby side of D-Star, all is good and available for all to use.


In order to use D-Star on the internet, you MUST register your call sign for D-Star use on reflectors.  Go to the main DStar Gateway page for more information.

KK4DFC – VHF – 146.790MHz
No Reflector
KG4NXO – VHF – 145.170 MHz
Reflector 030C
KG4NXO – UHF 443.875 MHz
Reflector 037C
The three Marion County Florida D-Star repeaters

Dplus Dashboards to monitor reflectors

Dplus Dashboard
Reflector 30
Dplus Dashboard
Reflector 37
Dplus Dashboard
KK4DFC repeater
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You can look at any dashboard by just changing the number in the URL, like ref030.dstargateway.org to ref037.dstargateway.org