Cross Band Repeater With D-Rats

I had a thought about using d-rats through the cross band repeater.  So, I set it all up with one radio (KK4JEN) connected to the D-Star repeater, the other radio (W9CHA) was using the cross band simplex frequency.  I found that the radio going over the air to the kk4dfc repeater could connect to the HT radio (W9CHA) on simplex, but it would not show up in the station list of KK4JEN when pinged.  The radio using kk4dfc would show up in the station list when pinged on the W9CHA simplex radio.

So, the radio going straight to the repeater was using kk4jen.

The radio using the simplex connection was using w9cha.

In other words, w9cha showed kk4jen in the station list, while kk4jen did not show w9cha.

Using chat, kk4jen’s messages were received at w9cha.  W9CHA’s chat messages were not seen on kk4jen.

Neither station could send forms to the other.

W9CHA could connect to kk4jen’s files, but the connection would not stay up.

KK4JEN could not connect to w9cha’s files.

OK, could this be of any use?  Yes, in certain situations.  The cross band would be set up in situations like obstructions or out of range for ht’s.  When connected, D-star voice works both ways.  Some EOC’s used to send messages using the chat system for storm updates, damage updates, etc and other QST’s for operators in the field.  This can still be useful using d-rats this way because operators in the field would get the chat messages.  Even if they can’t respond with d-rats, they still get the information.