W9CHA’s Ham Stuff

In case of hurricanes or other emergency situations, HAMS get involved. In Marion County, Florida, there are basically three ways to do this:

1.) Stay at home and monitor the situation.

2.) Be a part of the county ARES response. Go to https://www.aresmcfl.org for their information.

3.) Be a part of the Marion County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (Formerly MERT), which is a part of the Marion County Sheriff’s Department Division of Emergency Services. Go to https://kg4nxo.com for more information about MCARES and their mission.

If you think that the names of ARES of Marion County and MCARES for the EOC look similar, you are right. There are changes coming on how these two HAM radio projects work together now. Keep checking the websites for both and tune into the ARES/Skywarn net on Wednesday night and the MERT D-Star net on thursday for upates.

So, check the above links and other TABS with useful information on the website. I hope the information on this site is helpful to you. Thanks for visiting.